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Sunday 14th July 2024

Male and Female Owner Drivers Wanted

Excellent Earnings Available / Varied Hours

This is NOT a "sales job" or "work from home business opportunity". It's a genuine opening to join a growing team of well-paid owner-drivers based in and around West Sussex. We're a solid local company that has been established for over 25 years.

Our team of drivers carry out long-distance pre-booked jobs, like picking up business travellers or families from locations around Surrey and West Sussex and taking them to places like Heathrow Airport. Being based in any of the following Surrey postcodes would be ideal for this work: CR3 CR5 CR6 GU1 GU10 GU12 GU15 GU16 GU18 GU19 GU2 GU20 GU21 GU22 GU23 GU24 GU25 GU26 GU27 GU3 GU4 GU5 GU6 GU7 GU8 GU9 KT10 KT11 KT12 KT13 KT14 KT15 KT16 KT17 KT18 KT20 KT21 KT22 KT23 KT24 KT7 KT8 RH1 RH10 RH12 RH19 RH2 RH3 RH4 RH5 RH6 RH7 RH8 RH9 SM7 TN16 TN8 TW15 TW16 TW17 TW18 TW19 TW20

This is NOT an around-town taxi-driver/cabbie job, so you won't EVER be dealing with Friday night drunks, or sitting around all day in a taxi-rank waiting to be hired. And you won't need to drive a vehicle plastered with advertising. We are NOT that kind of operation.

If you change your car at all, it'll most likely be an upgrade to a smart executive vehicle or people carrier. Your neighbours may even wonder how you've suddenly done so well for yourself.

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Our clients include professionals and business executives; as well as individuals who appreciate the first-class reputation we've built up over the past 33 years.

Most of our work is for clients who come back to us year after year because they appreciate our professional and courteous manner when dealing with their travel needs.

Our top requirement of YOU therefore, is that you are a kind and caring person. Otherwise you simply will not fit in with what our clients expect of us.

No Experience Needed - as we will provide you with full free training and support to obtain your necessary operating licence and succeed in this job.

Age No Problem - in fact this would suit you perfectly if you've taken early retirement or been made redundant from your last job. For example, we welcome men and women retiring from the armed forces searching for civilian jobs.

So, whatever your age or sex, and whatever you've done in the past, this opportunity could give you just what you're looking for right now. This is your chance to earn excellent money, without pressure to achieve sales targets.

You won't even need to fill your own diary with bookings. We take care of all of that for you, so you can focus on doing the work that pays.

You will just need an appropriate vehicle. One that's clean, tidy and reliable - and the larger the better for maximum flexibility. If yours doesn't fit the bill right now you can easily finance an upgrade from the excellent income this work provides.

It's your vehicle, so you can choose whatever make or model you like. In fact many drivers like the fact that this job enables them to drive a far nicer or larger vehicle than they would otherwise have been able to afford.

Due to the nature of this work, you'll need to be prepared to work varied hours. So this won't suit you if you're looking for a 9-5 job.

Ultimately you can choose the hours (and days) you're prepared to work; but our highest paid drivers are those who are willing to work when our clients need to travel. If you have that flexible mindset, you can certainly do very well in this line.

So whether you fancy driving around in a shiny new BMW, Lexus or Mercedes, or paying off your mortgage faster by running an 8-seater people carrier, this could be just the solution for you.

Don't decide just yet...

If you're wondering whether this opportunity is right for you, then call and arrange a no-commitment chat with Helen today. You can then find out about anything else you need to know before making a decision. Come and meet some of the office team and see for yourself how much you could earn if you join our drivers.

You won't find yourself thrown in the deep end the next day. It'll take 6 to 8 weeks to get your licence anyhow, during which time you'll get full training and support to prepare you for getting started. So the sooner you get in touch the better. Then you can get the ball rolling if you decide this is right for you.

If you think this might suit you, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. So please call me on 07702 868999 today or apply here if you'd rather I called you back.

Thank you,

Helen Rowland
Helen's Airport Cars Ltd